Join Pampered Chef for as little as FREE this month!
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If you could join Pampered Chef for free, would you give it a try?

There are a million “home party” businesses out there, and maybe you are in the market for some extra income.  Most have consultant kits you can purchase to start your business, and the kits include a sampling of products, catalogs, order forms and some training materials… Other companies say “JOIN FREE” but all you end up with is an account on their website!

My attitude tends to be that if you don’t make even a small investment in your business to start, how invested are you really?  I know that rule doesn’t apply to everyone, but I have found over the years that is more often true.  So why would I promote joining Pampered Chef for FREE this month?

Because it’s technically not free, but it is free, but it’s not… but it is…  🙂  Stay with me here!

So you have 2 options this month for joining Pampered Chef super cheap — or FREE — and totally risk free:

  1. You could earn the kit for FREE just by hosting a party – YES FREE!
  2. You could DOUBLE DIP:  Spend $39 on the kit. Host a Party. Claim the Host Rewards. EARN THE COMMISSION TOO! (Cash Money people)

So here’s how that all works!

Join Pampered Chef FREE in March! Here's How
Pampered Chef $39 Spring Start Kit

This month (March of 2019), Pampered Chef is offering a $39 life changing Spring Start Kit.  It includes some of our top selling products that are easy to demonstrate with ONLY a microwave!  Here’s what you’ll get in this $39 kit:

  • Microwave Pasta Cooker ($25 Value)
  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($30 Value)
  • Microwave Cozy Set of 2 ($18 Value)
  • Veggie Strip Maker  ($15 Value)
  • Season’s Best 5 Pack ($10 Value)
  • FREE Consultant Website for 90 Days  ($33 Value)

Just the products alone are worth $108, then add in the website and catalogs and you’ve got $140 in products and tools to start your business off right! So how do you join Pampered Chef for free?

Okay, it’s not free, if you factor in the cost of your time… So what would say 3 hours of your time be worth?  Is it $20/hour?

Here’s how you can LEGIT start a Pampered Chef business for free!

Host a party (pass some catalogs and collect orders, or host a virtual show on Facebook over a week or so).  When your party sales reaches just $400, you will be able to use your host rewards to get a credit for the $39 kit, which will make it FREE!  YES FREE!  But the kit is only available THIS MONTH, so it would need to be ordered before March 31st at the $39 price, with the kit credit.

My Facebook virtual Pampered Chef hosts typically earn between $90 and $165 in FREE Product when they host a week long shindig with me on Facebook.  So if you earned even $90 free, you’d have some free play money left over to grab some more product you want on top of that free kit, plus some half price items and even a 60% off host pick!


What if you could host a party AND earn the CASH commission at the SAME TIME?  Yes, you read that correctly!  If you have $39 bucks laying around (ok $42 with tax), grab this Spring Start Kit now!  We’ll set you up with a PARTY, that I will run FOR YOU!  Then you sit back, collect the orders, collect the commission and score all the host rewards for your $39 investment!

Then if you fall in love with the business, stay with me!  If not, we’ll part ways friends – no joke!  And you just scored some major loot, and cash!  This does give you an opportunity to peek under the hood of the Pampered Chef business!  (And you’d get to work with Meeeeeeeeeee!)


THIS is what “Double Dipping” with Pampered Chef COULD look like:Try Pampered Chef RISK FREE for 30 days!

Mind you, this is all based on you working WITH ME to have a successful party collecting 20-25 orders! If you don’t reach $1250, you still get some awesome host rewards, and you STILL get the commission, and you STILL get to keep the products in the kit… So it is TOTALLY RISK FREE!

Are you ready? Here’s How:

  • Head to my website ( and click on BE A CONSULTANT.
  • Click JOIN NOW.
  • Enter your info.
  • Choose your kit.
  • Make sure I am listed (Wendy Emerson in NY) as your recruiter.
  • Enter Payment info.

THAT IS IT!  No long term contracts or inventory or personal sales volume requirements to speak of!  We do have monthly incentives we can earn, but they are NOT required!  I can tell you more about that!

Maybe you are reading all of this and you have questions!  Contact me through my website and I will be happy to answer ANY questions you have about the business!  No question is a stupid question!

Contact me HERE.

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