Erase the Hate: A 30 Day Challenge

Erase the Hate: A 30 Day Challenge
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We all have a small circle of influence… Do you ever consider how you pour into that circle?  I do.

Today as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and catching up on what’s going on in the world (or least my limited connection to it) I began to feel uneasy. What I found to be consistent was the amount of times my friends use the word “hate” when talking about every day things…  But what I also notice now is that I have an incredibly adverse reaction to the word itself.

There is something incredibly ugly about the word itself. When I am reading and the word is in a sentence, I tense up when reading it. Even worse to say it out loud.  My husband has rubbed off on me, because about 10 years ago he shared with me that it is a word that has no place in his vocabulary.  So I decided to adopt that practice as well.

I have found that the longer I am intentional about not uttering that word, or even using it in a sentence while writing something out… (this article being the exception to make my point)… the more I begin to see just how much of it there is in the world… And I choose not to contribute to that.

My challenge to you is to begin to be intentional about NOT using that word, choosing your words carefully, even when writing out a post on Facebook, or an email, or a text message. Chose a different word… For 30 days.  You might notice of yourself that it’s a word you take too lightly and use way too often… You might begin to notice that your perspective of the word changes, and you actually being to feel LESS of it!  Even towards the simple things… And eventually you begin to be bothered by all the hate in the world… you become more aware of it, and it bothers you.  You, like me, may come to a point where you feel like if your small choice can somehow make a difference, than you are doing your part.. because that’s how I feel.

We all dislike things, and some of us may even dislike people… That’s just the human way… but why not dial it down a notch?

I challenge you to #erasehate from your vocabulary for 30 days and see how you feel about it one month from now.

Join me – leave a comment today if you accept the 30 day challenge to #erasehate from your small circle of influence.  And then come back here in a month and let us know how this has impacted you…  You may be surprised.




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