Recruiting isn’t about what you GET. It’s about what you can GIVE.

Recruiting in Direct Sales isn't about YOU!
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As a Direct Seller I have come to some pretty big realizations recently… (Yes, I’m sure you know I am one of THOSE people with Pampered Chef.) I need to make some drastic changes to the way I do things… and that starts today. You’ve seen my posts… I know you have… but things have got to be different!

I’ll admit… I was the one saying “Join My Team!”  “Just buy a kit”  or “Start Today!” – but that ends now…

I have been watching other direct sellers through networking groups I belong to, and I find myself asking… Do I sound like that?  Do I come across like that? 

Oh my gosh, I think I DO sound like that!

Recruiting is NOT about what’s in it for ME… It’s not about promoting, or earning trips… It’s about what I have to GIVE others through my business opportunity.

Everyone has a different reason for getting into Direct Sales… Some do for a season, a reason or a lifetime…

  • It may pay for summer camp for little Johnny where he otherwise may not have been able to go because the single parent doesn’t have that extra $320.
  • It may add to a retirement fund for Joanna.
  • It may help build a college fund for Rebecca.
  • It may pay for a family vacation for Suzie and her 2 kiddos.
  • It may put food on the table for Jennifer.
  • It may give Lisa an outlet from a stressful job she doesn’t like to just have some fun and unwind with a product she enjoys.
  • It may support Angella’s shoe habit.
  • And for Mary, it may just be a way to socialize and meet new people.

We NEVER know what someone is thinking before we INVITE them to check out what we have to offer.

Here is what I can GIVE you…

  • I can give you a family, by becoming a part of a genuine, caring team of consultants.
  • I can give you endless amounts of new friends!  Both from our team, from other consultants, and from your party guests and hosts!
  • I can give you FUN.  This business is FUN!  Whether you are hobbyist, or just love to cook and want better tools.
  • I can give you income!  Whether you have a short-term financial need, a long-term financial plan, or just money to support your shoe habit.
  • I can give you a sense of identity!  I’ve always been known as Sheldon’s mom, or Greg’s wife… Not anymore!  You can become your own person with your own identity.
  • I can give you time out from reality.  Maybe your job is stressful, or your kids are high maintenace.  When you hold parties, you get to take a break from reality and just be the fun one!
  • I can give you personal development like confidence and belief in yourself.

My opportunity with Pampered Chef allows people to earn between $400-800 a month, working just one night per week! That’s about 12 hours out of a 160 work week. That equates to what $33-$67 PER HOUR. That is what I can GIVE YOU, in addition to the other benefits I just listed above.

It’s not about JOINING MY TEAM or BUYING A KIT or STARTING TODAY. It’s about me inviting you to check out what Pampered Chef can GIVE YOU where you are at in your life right now. It’s about me inviting you to learn more about something that could change your life.

If that is something that interests you, I’d love to chat with you more about this. If you like to be a fly on the wall, you can simply visit my website and click on “Be A Consultant” and get the full scoop without ever having a single conversation with me, and certainly no pressure to join, buy a kit, start today…

Just be curious. At least take a look… And heck, you may know someone right now who needs this… For a reason… a season… or a lifetime.


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