Diet -versus- Lifestyle Change. Why Keto? Why Now?

Diet versus Lifestyle Change
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Let me start by saying that my weight has yo-yo’d my whole life. Like you, I have tried MANY fad diets. I dabbled with Atkins many years ago with some success.  I ordered that “3 week fix,” but never even started it (I do use the cute little containers though). I’ve tried various shakes for meals… I’ve done the “4 week challenge,” but dang that’s a lot of pills… (Though I do love Spark – which is Keto friendly – whoop whoop!) I attempted Whole 30, but made it about 24 days. I’ve done Weight Watchers… I even tried a massive fruit diet that was totally ridiculous…  Some of these work for a short time, but for me, there was no big shift in how I viewed food…  Plus… I love cheese and bread.

I have a bunch of Direct Sales friends who are in those businesses, and I support what you do, please don’t misunderstand… I know MANY who find success using those products… I just know for me it’s not sustainable… I don’t want to drop money on pills and shakes, when I can drop the same money on avocados, cheese and bacon…

What is the Keto Diet?

Simply put:

The keto diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

I’ll share some resources at the end of this article that you can read to better help you understand the real science behind it and make sense of this mind shift in eating.

So why am I adopting Keto principles into my lifestyle?

First, I am no longer looking for a quick fix. I am creeping closer to 50 (aka middle age), and frankly I just don’t feel healthy.  I am not huge or obese, but I’m not super healthy either. If I am honest, I could probably stand to lose about 15-20 pounds. The bottom line for me though, is how I feel – not how I look. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally and thinks I am beautiful.  I also know that I am created in God’s image… but I am just not treating my body as well as I could be.

Of course this is all fresh on my mind as we escape the holiday season and the barrels of cookies and appetizers and heavy foods… I myself over-indulged, and the foods I prepared on Christmas Eve has zero nutritional value whatsoever – right down to the peppermint spoons for hot chocolate and coffee! But I got to the point where my body really said ‘enough’ – no more sugar, no more cookies, no more heavy appetizers…

So why start Keto now?

I am not a New Year’s resolution kind of person, because frankly they just don’t stick!  Unless you are my husband who resolves to eat chocolate every day – and that’s one resolution he stuck to!  So the timing of adopting Keto principles on New Year’s is purely coincidental. There is a lot to consider when making a full lifestyle change. Understanding the foods and how they affect your body. Testing recipes you can learn to love. Getting in the mindset to truly commit to something. Reading books and blogs to fully prepare.

Ketogenic CleanseI suppose I can blame my sister-in-law Dyan.  It seems every time I go to Texas to visit she drops a new book in my lap about healthy eating – with the intent I might scan it, and what ends up happening is I read it cover to cover.  Last time I was there, I read It Starts With Food, the guide book for Whole 30. (A great read by the way, you’ll learn a ton about food.)  There are still some Whole 30 foods and practices that I love. But this last trip a few months back, she dropped a Ketogenic Cleanse book on my lap… And I read it.

I am not doing a cleanse, and I am not looking for a quick fix, but as I read through it, things began to click… It made sense… and I had a huge AHA moment! I can still make all the same great meals for my family and simply adapt what’s on my plate, ever so slightly.

I’m not looking to do a 30 day cleanse… I believe if I adopt these principles, then over time my body will naturally become healthy. My goal?  Yes, I’d like to lose a few pounds, but my goals is to feel healthier and make permanent lifestyle changes that matter.  I’m not going to live on cheese and bacon for the rest of my life, but I’m going to build practices that make sense using this core principles. (And of course, have fun playing with my Pampered Chef tools to make these recipes.)

As you consider what changes you can make in the way you eat, also consider adding exercise… Not just cardio, but a mixture… I’ll share some DVDs that I like, but that’s for another day.

Some reading for you before you begin keto:

Ketogenic Diet Food List – A great resource list of what you can eat.

Awesome Keto FAQs – Get all your questions answered here.




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